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Madinaty Golf Club Launches the First Footgolf in Cairo, Egypt.

What is Footgolf?

Footgolf is a combination of two of the world's most popular sports; Football and Golf. Get your heart rate pumping on the greens as you navigate the golf course with a football at your feet, and try to get the ball into the oversized cups in as few shots as possible. Challenge your friends to this competitive alternative to a tee time and enjoy an active time on the golf course.

A game of Footgolf will take you about two hours to complete and doubles as a great outdoor workout that you can enjoy with family & friends or even work colleagues.  Footgolf is available 7 days a week from 3.00pm till sunset with last ‘Kick Off’ at 5.00pm.

What do I need to Play Footgolf?

All the equipment you need to play is provided, although you can bring your own football if you prefer. Wear appropriate clothing suitable for the surroundings such as fitness wear (shorts t-shirt etc) as well as indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. (football boots with studs are not allowed due to the damage it will cause to the course). You can just turn up and play subject to availability, but if you would like to book your game of Footgolf call us on +201101134518.

Rules of the game:

The general premise of Footgolf is ‘to kick the ball from the tee markers into the hole in as fewer shots as possible’!
  • Make sure to wear comfortable sports clothes.
  • Maximum 4 people per group.
  • Tee off from between or behind (up to 2m) the tee markers.
  • The player farthest from the hole is next to play each time.
  • Play it where it lies, or take ‘a drop’ to where you can play it (but add a penalty shot to your score…). You may mark your ball and lift it if it will hinder another player’s shot.
  • The ball must be played with a ‘single contact’, no scooping or rolling of the ball is allowed.
  • Aim for the flags.
  • Do not remove flags from holes.
  • Wait until the ball has come to rest before you take your next shot.
  • Keep up the pace with groups in front, if you fall behind let players pass and ‘play through’.
  • If your ball falls into the water do not try to get it out, we can supply you with a new ball. The drop the ball 2m back from where the ball entered the water
  • Any child aged 12 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult ( 18 years and older )
  • Ages 13 to 18, if wish to play alone without adults, must have the parents or guardians written consent (via signed form) in advance of play.
  • We are Open 7 days a week from 3.00 pm until sunset, you can just turn up and play subject to availability, but if you would like to book your game of Footgolf call us on +201101134518.


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