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BeFit is the leading Fitness entity in Egypt. We aim at offering premium Health & Fitness Services to both Professional Athletes and the general public that would change their lives to the better every single day. 

We envision a world where people consciously make healthy life choices, where people are passionately driven towards achieving that within their own circles, and where communities can continuously influence one another to the better. 

We are not here to deliver a workout session, but to offer a transformative experience that change the style and structure of our clients’ day to day lives.

In 2014, our signature six-weeks BeFit Transformation Challenge was first held, taking Cairo by storm as soon as the results started going viral! 
We have now grown to be Egypt's top Fitness Entity leading the market; welcoming 500+ clients daily, transforming 30,000+ lives, running nine high end venues, offering more than 10 types of classes with more than 300 sessions per month, while holding together a team of Egypt’s highly qualified coaches. 

BeFit was founded in May 2013 by the Egyptian athlete Aly Mazhar

Today, we are proud to announce the management of Madinaty Golf Club Gym, offering a wide range of health & fitness services to club members. 

BeFit at Madinaty

In 2013 when the idea of Functional Training was still new, BeFit Egypt was founded by Egyptian Athlete Aly Mazhar with a mission to provide people with a better quality of life through his passion; health & fitness. 
People became aware of the effect of training on their daily lives - it started to become the norm, demand grew, opportunities were created, and so did the market. Today with 12 venues, 50 coaches, and 35,000 athletes BeFithas become the leading fitness entity in the Egyptian marketing continuing to serve more people every day; helping them lead a healthier lifestyle.Their main vision continues to be pushing their athletes towards their goals and empowering them through fitness every day. 

Instagram: @befit.360
Contact number: 01101360360

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