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Madinaty Performance Academy - Junior Development

Junior Development

Our Junior Development Program is designed to become the most successful in the middle east. We take beginners and develop both their physical and technical skills to help them play at an international and even professional level.

ABOUT THE TJC Development Program

Starting age: 3 years old
Levels : 10
Checkpoints per level: 5 
Level duration: approx. 4 weeks
Semester duration: 2 months

Our program is designed to help the kids improve their skills while having fun. Each player will be rewarded after passing each checkpoint. The player receives a cap after completion of the level to indicate the level of skill they are currently at. After completion of level 5, the players will be tournament ready 

TJC and the Madinaty Junior development Program

Jade Team (3-5) - Try golf in a fun way, with a focus on creating their fundamental movement skills first
Ocean Team (5-9) - Develop golf skills and athleticism 
Fire Team (8-13) - The peak stage of golf skill with a focus on learning the rules acquiring of the game on the course
Black Team (10-16) - The athletes will be ready for tournaments, and some will be playing competitively. So, the focus is on performance-based training


Level(s) Team Scoring Requirement
1,2,3 Jade Level 1 6 or less 3 times from 50 yards
Level 2 6 or less 3 times from 100 yards
Level 3 6 or less 3 times from 150 yards
4,5 Fire Level 4 54 or less 1 time
Level 5 51 or less 2 times
6,7,8 Ocean Level 6 48 or better 3 times
Level 7 45 or better 4 times
Level 8 42 or better 5 times
9,10 Black Level 9 39 or better 6 times
Level 10 36 or better 7 times


TJC 2022 Schedule
(1st quarter)
Month Date
October Week 1 : 1st till 7th
Week 2 : 8th till 14th
Week 3 : 15th till 21st
Week 4 : 22nd till 28th 
November Week 5 : 29th oct till 4th 
Week 6 : 15th till 21st 
Week 7 : 22nd till 28th
December Week 8 : 29th nov till 5th
Tournament & end:  9th 
TJC 2022 Schedule
(2st quarter)
Month Date
December Week 1 : 16th till 22nd 
Week 2 : 23rd till 29th 
Week 3 : 30th till 5th 
January Week 4 : 6th till 12th 
Week 5 : 13th till 19th  
Week 6 : 20th till 26th 
Week 7 : 27th till 2nd 
February Week 8 : 3rd till 9th 
Tournament & end:11th 

Term 1 Dates 

Week 1 1st October till 7th October
Week 2 8th October till 14th October 
Week 3 15th October till 21st October 
Week 4 22nd October till 28th October
Week 5 29th October till 4th November
Week 6 15th November till 21st November
Week 7 22nd November till 28th November 
Week 8 29th November till 5th December
Tournament day and Parents evening 9th December
 Asian tour tournament (all players are
encouraged to come and watch the top
120 professionals compete)
5th November till 14th November 

To Sign-Up and ensure your place in the MGC Junior Development Program simply download the form below and return it to the golf academy in person or email a scanned copy

Parents name / Phone / Email / Child name and age

General policy: 
We ask all juniors to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of each session. The meeting point is the reception area outside the Pro-Shop.

A class register will be taken at the start of every session. If you must miss a session, a makeup session can be taken as long as there is space in another class. If you know your junior is going to miss a class, please let us know.
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